About Namaste Biz

Namaste Biz is a free business banking & loan app personalized for small businesses.


What does this mean for you? 


It means that in one Namaste Biz app you get the benefits of a mobile business banking app, loan app, GST billing app, accounting app & payments app. We have identified the key requirements of small businesses and built one app so service all of them. So gone are the days when you have to install multiple mobile banking, loan, invoicing and payment apps. One Namaste Biz app can take care of all of your business banking needs.


10 key benefits of Namaste Biz for Your Business – 


  1. Namaste Biz can help you with Business Loans. Biz is backed by India’s leading business loan marketplace Namaste Credit with 70+ Banks and NBFCs as lenders. This means you get multiple loan offers at the best cost with greater and faster sanctions.
  2. Namaste Biz does a free credit health check. You can add your ICICI bank current account to your Biz app and we will do the rest i.e. create a credit eligibility report for you and recommend right loan products for your business.
  3. Get access to trusted ICICI Bank current account with Namaste Biz. You can trigger the account opening process with a click of a button and enjoy additional features and benefits of ICICI bank current account through Namaste Biz app. You can also choose to integrate one or more existing ICICI current account to Namaste Biz for smoothest mobile business banking.
  4. Namaste Biz can make your business banking easy. Isn’t mobile banking apps and websites difficult to use? Well, not anymore. You can add your ICICI current account to your Namaste Biz app or add your preferred UPI id or both and you are geared up for a buttery smooth experience. Be it account balance, transaction history, transaction tagging, incoming and outgoing cash flow or transaction reminders, you can view it in a summary, detailed report or take action with a single click.
  5. Receive payments seamlessly with Namaste Biz. We understand your customers and that they have different preferences when it comes to payment modes. Namaste Biz gives you the ability to cater to all your customer preferences – NEFT, RTGS or UPI. You can request payments by sharing payment link of UPI id through SMS, WhatsApp or Email.
  6. You will have multiple options to pay your suppliers. Namaste Biz is linked with your ICICI Bank current account and all UPI payment apps. So choose any payment mode (NEFT, RTGS, UPI) that suits you best for vendor payments with your Namaste Biz app.
  7. Quickly create invoices on mobile and share using Email, Whatsapp or SMS. Your Namaste Biz app doubles up as digital/online bill book. Use Biz as an easy invoice app for creating a proforma invoice or GST billing digitally and share with customers with a click of a button. No need to use physical bill books anymore. 
  8. Namaste Biz app is your digital ledger app. You don’t need another cash book or app for bookkeeping. Along with your loan and mobile banking needs, Namaste Biz will help you record all income and expenses and tag transactions for accounting purposes. You can auto-record expenses at the time of invoice creation. Record partial or complete payment receipts as applicable.
  9. A Namaste Biz user never misses accepting or making payments keeping the cash flow of business healthy. You and your customer gets an SMS notification for scheduled collections. You also get the SMS notification for the payments on the due date. 
  10. Free customer/supplier relationship management by Namaste Biz. The contact details of all your customers and suppliers along with the transaction history and invoices are securely available at your all in one mobile banking app, Namaste Biz. For every customer or supplier, you can choose to send invoices, payment reminders, monitor transaction history or check balance overdue.

Enjoy the FREE benefits of Namaste Biz app (one app to replace business banking app, loan app, UPI payment app, invoicing app & GST billing app)